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Editorial Strategy + Content Creation

The RS team has ghostwritten for celebrities and big-time business leaders, brought award-winning blog strategies to life, and crafted newsletters so good they'd make email inventor Ray Tomlinson cry.

We’ve created content for everybody from two-person nonprofits to America's biggest corporations. Effective writing is deeply ingrained in us, and we pride ourselves on producing work that raises the bar every time.

Social Strategy + Execution

RS's audience engagement work functions on the core principle that social media platforms aren't just distribution channels or places to get clicks. Instead, they each hold unique opportunities to interact with different audiences.


In our eyes, every tweet, Facebook post, and Instagram Story has the power to build a strong community that stands by your brand. So why not seize it? You won’t just see an increase in likes and followers; you’ll also construct a crew of steadfast supporters. In today’s social atmosphere, that’s more precious than gold.

Media Relations and Outreach

Given RS founder Lily Herman's background as a writer, it's no surprise we know what does and doesn't work when it comes to press outreach and media relations. We've been on the other side of the machine—and a lot of it isn't pretty.


Instead of sending mountains of press releases (bleh), we use a multi-pronged approach that involves building key relationships in the industry and constantly developing innovative new outreach tactics that redefine media relations.

We’ve seen the good, bad, ugly, and everything in between when it comes to outreach, and we know how to craft a story around your brand that’ll receive attention—the good kind.

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